Comprehensive marketing plans that include search engine marketing, search engine optimization, online promotion, and sophisticated lead tracking and nurturing.

Attract, Engage, and Convert

Everything you need to bring more patients to your medical practice.
per month
includes $500 for PPC
per month
includes $1000 for PPC
per month
includes $2000 for PPC
per month
includes $2000 for PPC
ATTRACT ATTENTION Starter Pro Elite Elite Social*
search engine optimization
pay-per-click advertising
landing page deveopment
Facebook campaigns
Instagram campaigns
YouTube channel
YouTube campaign
Pintrest campaign
Twitter Video Posts
Google+ video posts
Yext Business Directory posts
ENGAGE VISITORS Starter Pro Elite Elite Social*
HIPAA compliant forms
email campaigns
education portal
video management
drip email campaigns
Website video campaign
CONVERT LEADS Starter Pro Elite Elite Social*
lead tracking
lead management
meeting schedules
event schedules
email reminders
lead nurturing
lead scoring
OPTIMIZE PERFORMANCE Starter Pro Elite Elite Social*
workflow engine
automation rules
event triggers
starter maps
map revisions
email a/b testing
landing page a/b testing
conversion rate optimization
TRAINING Starter Pro Elite Elite Social*
agent startup training
agent advanced training
administrator training
SUPPORT Starter Pro Elite Elite Social*
email tech/admin/support
support portal
phone support
website support
dedicated administrator
dedicated sales coach
conversion rate specialist
per month
includes $500 for PPC
per month
includes $1000 for PPC
per month
includes $2000 for PPC
per month
includes $2000 for PPC

Looking for the fine print?: Don't worry it is right here.

*The Elite Social requires video production for 24 x 2minute videos to drive the social media program.

1. The videos are produced specifically for this program. We cannot use existing videos that you may have laying around

2. The videos are carefully planned and produced for the results we need. We cannot work with other video production companies.

We will make sure you are aware of all costs and any restrictions before you sign on the bottom line.

proven medical marketing results.

Here's what you get with every ifX medical marketing plan.

Medical Website

Fully responsive medical website

A website designed from the ground up to meet the needs of your target population and persuade them to seek more information. A well built website is so important to an online marketing strategy that we will build you a responsive website for FREE* just to get you started or improve the site you already have.

Search Engine Marketing

Capitalize on Interest

Cut through competition and establish predictable traffic to your landing pages using paid advertising with major search engines. Capitalize on immediate needs with targeted search and building interest with display marketing. Use search metrics to define your targeting and quantify a consistent return on investment. We use part of your plan budget to attract potential patients to your website. There is no addtional fee. It is all included.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Attract search engines to your website

Employ expert search engine optimization for website landing pages and your original articles to encourage search engines to improve search position for important keywords and phrases.

lead tracking & management

Never miss an important lead

With Influx MD you can capture leads from your website or phone calls and get a head start your sales process. Influx MD includes customer relationship management (CRM) and marketing automation to save time and increase revenue with less effort.

Local Business Directories

Join the online local business community

Increase visibility across top tier business directories and gain greater coverage with your medical practice in natural search. Business directories increase credibility by validating the legitimacy of your medical practice. ch.

Support and Training

Get the most from your plan

We're here to help you 7 days a week with any issue that interferes with getting the most out of your medical marketing plan. We have online training and dedicated coaches ready to assist when you need us.

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