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The Post-Penguin Survival Kit

In an online marketing landscape that exists in constant flux, it’s easy to become frustrated by algorithms that change dramatically and without warning. What propelled you to the peak of Google popularity yesterday may leave you lost along the long tail today. Once-ubiquitous SEO strategies like keyword stuffing have become ancient history, while even long-healthy practices like link building have become a little less important in the face of evolving criteria. But most see content as one pillar of SEO that will never crumble. [Read more]

Rigor, Relevance and Reality

Broken down to its most basic concept, the internet generates content for people to read. We use robots and algorithms to organize this content, but the machines aren’t the ones reading the content at the end of the day. Whether you are reading for pleasure, information or business, you are more likely to engage with content that moves you. It doesn’t matter where or how you were directed to that content—if it is premium quality and you enjoyed reading it then you are more likely to connect with the writer, company or physician who published that article. [Read more]

Creating Irresistible Content

Berating readers with wellness tips and how-to advice isn’t going to get them coming back for more. Your website shouldn’t be a platform for lectures on how to live a healthier life. Instead, you can use your blog to your biggest advantage by generating content that shows wellness and happiness, not one that just talks about it. As Mark Twain said, “Don’t say the old lady screamed. Bring her on and let her scream.” [Read more]

One Site Does Not Fit All

To keep online patients visiting your webpages and your office, you need to offer them an incomparable user experience. Your medical website should embody all the best elements of a great internet experience—visitors should be able to quickly and easily access free, useful information and contact your office for more. Here are some tips for providing your potential patients with the best possible experience on your site. [Read more]

Medical Website Success Depends on Optimized Content

Effective medical website design incorporates an optimized content marketing strategy What do optimized medical content, social media and search engines all have in common? Altogether they play a decisive role in the success of your medical website. More than ever, optimized content is driving website success in search rankings and social media, making an optimized […]

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