Medical Website Copywriting

Medical copywriting is a powerful selling tool and an investment that quickly pays for itself.

With compelling copy your website will connect with more visitors, engage them with interesting and educational medical content, all the while steering them toward your call to action.

Writing for the web is not the same as other forms of writing. Fully understanding the difference between how people read web pages may mean the difference between connecting with visitors and gaining new patients or losing visitors to competitors.

We offer:

  • Content planning and SEO content planning
  • New page development
  • Rewrites of existing pages
  • Blog writing
  • Educational content writing

All IFX Medical website writers are experienced in search engine optimization and website usability. We create medical website content that is easily scanned by human readers looking for accurate information that assists them to quickly answer a question or solve a problem. We also create content designed to improve your search engine rankings for high value keywords.

Why Choose IFX Medical for your medical copywriting?

Our content is unique: More important than almost any other rule, medical website copy must be unique. Search engines easily identify copied or duplicate content and it is unlikely to achieve a high search engine results position.

Our content contains high value key words and Phrases: Before crafting your website content, high value target keywords or key phrases are identified and used appropriately throughout the text. Maintaining an appropriate density of keywords through your medical copy, while keeping the page readable, is part of the art of SEO copywriting.

Our copy is easy to read: Page structure using a logical hierarchy of headings, sub headings, paragraphs, lists and bolded text improve readability and help search engines assign importance to keywords based on their position in your page hierarchy.

Our copy is optimized with Title and Meta tags: Although not seen on the web page, these hidden page elements contribute to search engine position and provide the text for snippets used in the search engine results page. Key wording these items and creating compelling copy for meta tags contribute to the click through rate from the search engines to your website.

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