It all starts with your online marketing goals.

What We Do

Game Plan:
Marketing Goals

  • Increase Awareness: Establish brand reputation across multiple channels.
  • Expand Reach: Use search, mobile targeting and social solutions to reach more people.
  • Connect With Visitors: Engage visitors with multimedia education programs.
  • Drive Sales: Create remarketing campaigns and video promotion to convert visitors.
  • Measure & Optimize: Gain insight on highest converting pages, page views and goal completions.

Attract Attention

Create carefully crafted multimedia content to host on your website.

Distribute selected content across social media channels to attract new website visitors.

Use search engine optimization to gain search position.

Target geographic locations and interested visitors with branded ads and remarketing campaigns.

Use geo-targeted medical directories to extend reach.

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Convert Patients

Identify and streamline conversion entry points and sales funnels.

Enhance high conversion landing pages.

Nurture leads with lead tracking solution.

Identify and reduce bottlenecks and leaks at each point in sales funnel.

Promote loyalty and advocacy opportunities.

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Engage Visitors

Determine areas of visitor interest and develop diversified content to increase engagement.

Identify client stage in sales cycle and match content marketing to client stage.

Use multiple distribution channels for media to increase content consumption.

Provide opportunities for interaction through multiple feedback loops.

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Optimize Results

Pages viewed, time on site, bounce rate, conversion rate, leads

Use custom reporting to monitor goals at each point in the sales cycle to ensure appropriate geotargeting, qualifying, engagement and lead nurturing.

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