Our Medical Website Warranty

Never Pay for Medical Website Updates Again

It’s tiresome to have to pay for every little change to your website, along with every image or banner you want added, or button you want created. Unfortunately, while SEO programs add content and optimize pages to improve search position, they don’t usually include the cosmetic changes to your website that keeps it looking good. Until now that is.

IFX Medical Website Warranty

The IFX Medical Website Warranty is our answer to the vexing problem of incorporating general website changes into an online medical marketing program.

It’s as simple as this; join a medical marketing program with a 12 month agreement, or extend your current program for 12 months and we’ll take care of all website changes and updates without any additional fees.

A Medical Website Warranty means we’ll take care of:

  • Image uploading and graphic adjustment
  • Promotional coupons
  • Promotional banners
  • Promotional buttons
  • New web pages (client supplied copy)Existing page content changes
  • PDF file loading (MS Word to PDF included)
  • Video updates
  • Gallery images (restrictions may apply)
  • Rotating Banners (restrictions may apply)
  • Contact form changes
  • Most other things

The website warranty is designed to eliminate additional fees for work on your website associated with supporting your online marketing. Exclusions to the warranty include global color or theme changes, banners and images not in support of existing campaigns, custom programming, content copy creation (outside of that included in SEO programs) and Flash or video creation and editing. In some cases restrictions to the quantity of images or other graphics may be applied. Our goal is to make reasonable accommodation for all of your requests so that your marketing costs remain predictable and manageable.

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