Use carefully crafted multimedia education and promotional content to engage visitors and help them achieve their information and purchasing goals.

Connect With Visitors.

Engage visitors with multimedia education programs.

Encourage visitors to stay longer

Promote longer stays and more content consumption on your website to increase leads generated. Provide content that meets the education and information needs of visitors in a device independent format to encourages greater engagement and potentiate lead generation.

Create a reason to return

Release useful multi-media content on your website at frequent intervals with promotion through inbound marketing channels to increase return visits to a website and stimulate lead generation.

Start a conversation

Use emails, questionnaires, and forms to solicit feedback from website visitors. Once you learn the needs of your prospects, focus marketing efforts toward the solutions they are seeking.

Engage Visitors

Program objectives

  • Arrow /increaseIncrease Visit Duration
  • Arrow /increaseIncrease Mobile Visits
  • Arrow /increaseIncrease Page Views
  • Arrow /increaseIncrease Mobile Views

How We Create Interaction with Leads.

Engage clients with fresh, high quality medical content every time they visit your lead generation website.

Online Seminars

Take your message into people’s homes

Quickly transition visitors into your sales funnel with an online video seminar. Influx MD manages the entire video experience while closely tracking progress as part of your intake process. Serve quizzes, communicate with messaging and develop the relationship with leads that you need to turn them into patients.

Online Education

Remove barriers and improve retention

Use the convenience of online learning to educate your leads about procedures during the intake process. Use prescriptive teaching to target areas of low retention and make every teachable minute by your staff count. Influx MD manages enrollment, access, sequencing and proficiency evaluation automatically.

Online forms

Learn about your leads from your leads

Capture information directly from leads with customized online forms. From contact information to a complete history, HIPAA compliant forms speed the intake process and help you customize your offerings based on identified needs for each lead.

Email marketing

Reach out to people where they play and work

Employ intelligent email marketing to deliver relevant content to your prospect’s inbox. Deliver articles, videos and tips and receive feedback through forms and surveys. With email marketing you can initiate lead nurturing and encourage engagement as you move leads toward conversion.

Online surveys

Find out what motivates your customers

Make sharing information fun for your prospects with small surveys with instant feedback. Learn what drives your leads and customize future marketing to the needs your prospects identify for you. From a single question to a full survey, Influx MD manages and aggregates results to guide your marketing efforts based on live feedback.

Content portal

A private place to share and learn

Use the influx patient center to collect information about leads, keep them apprised of progress, promote and educate as well as communicate with prospects, leads, and patients. Influx manages access and content based on lead feedback so there is always something new and useful for your leads to find while you continue to learn more about them.

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