Convert more prospects to patients by streamlining sales, optimizing workflow and automating marketing with Influx MD and conversion rate optimization.

Increase leads from your marketing

Use dedicated landing pages and a structured program of sales funnel improvement to increase lead to patient conversion for your practice

Improve sales efficiency within your team

Let dedicated account coaches work with your staff to improve workflow and reduce redundant effort. Find bottlenecks and funnel leaks quickly and easily with advanced workflow reporting to allow intelligent optimization of internal processes with less risk.

Nurture leads into patients

Automate lead nurturing with Influx MD to assist lead management and ensure that periodic contact is maintained with prospects as they proceed through the buying cycle stages. Automated responses and timed nurturing campaigns keep your bariatric program in front of prospects to stimulate conversion while decreasing staff requirements for completing routine tasks.

Convert Leads

Program Objectives

  • ArrowDefine Macro/Micro Goals
  • ArrowImplement Lead Tracking
  • ArrowConvert Initial Consultaions
  • ArrowUse Multi-Channel Funnels
  • ArrowConvert Website Contacts

How We Increase Lead Conversion for Your Bariatric Practice

Create highly successful conversion paths using Influx MD marketing automation and lead tracking.

Lead Tracking

Never lose another lead

Track leads from the moment of contact through each part of the sales cycle until they become patients for your practice, no matter how long it takes. Influx MD actively participates in the lead tracking process maintaining contact with your prospects and guiding your staff through the sales and intake processes. You’ll know where your leads came from and where they went to help you make cost effective decisions about your marketing and sales process.

Lead Nurturing

Keep your practice “Top of Mind”

Keep leads interested without effort using lead nurturing strategies and tools. Constantly reinforce leads during long intake processes to maintain forward movement and high interest. Use video and email programs for engagement along with progress feedback and reminders so leads feel involved and empowered as they seek better health.

Retention Programs

Satisfy customers with long term learning

Use website design and usability standards to improve functionality and decrease obstacles that might cause users to leave your medical website site before achieving their goals.

Email Marketing

Reach out to people where they play and work

Increase client satisfaction and maintain contact with leads after an initial procedure is complete. Use cross selling and upselling opportunities while ensuring early intervention if your patients have issues. Adjust retention programs to your population with varying lengths and content customized to specific patient needs.

Online Seminars

Take your message into people’s homes

Quickly transition visitors into your sales funnel with an online video seminar. Influx MD manages the entire video experience while closely tracking progress as part of your intake process. Serve quizzes, communicate with messaging and develop the relationship with leads that you need to turn them into patients.

Content portal

A private place to share and learn

Use the influx patient center to collect information about leads, keep them apprised of progress, promote and educate as well as communicate with prospects, leads, and patients. Influx manages access and content based on lead feedback so there is always something new and useful for your leads to find while you continue to learn more about them.

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