The Simple Solution of Simplification

Optimizing your Medical Website DesignAt its core, the World Wide Web is based on the principle of making information easily available at anyone’s fingertips. For your medical practice to be successful online, your medical website design should make it easy for people to find you, locate the information that they need and provide answers to questions or solutions for problems that they have.

Paralysis by Analysis

Every day we are confronted with hundreds of decisions. Everything we do from the moment we wake up requires a decision. What color shirt are you going to wear today? Do you want coffee or tea? What is for breakfast? Are you buying lunch, or do you have time to make lunch today instead? We are bombarded with decisions, and at a certain point it can become too much.

For a lot of people, the point of indecision comes when they are faced with questions about their health—and that is when they will be turning to your medical website for information and support.

Keep it Simple

Specialists refer to the point of decision overload as analysis paralysis. When we are overwhelmed and there are too many decisions at hand, we are left standing in place, unable to muster the confidence to make a move in any direction. The result is often a backwards retreat, getting us out of the decision-making situation and into a less threatening environment.

If a complicated medical website design is demanding too many decisions from a visitor, then there is a distinct possibility that person will retreat, use the back button and try another website that isn’t so overwhelming. To prevent this, your medical website design needs to be sleek, inviting and easy to use.

Here are a few tricks of the trade for keeping your website as simplistic as possible:

  • Every Page is a Home Page: Don’t make the assumption that your visitors are always going to stumble into your website from the front door. Make every page simple to understand independently of those around it. You can do this through internal links, informational headers and prominent navigation buttons.
  • Know Where the Traffic is Going: A quick look through your analytics will reveal the pages that are most popular on your website. Give these pages the credit they deserve and don’t bury them underneath arbitrary information no-one is looking for. The pages that people want to see are the pages that should be most prominent on the home screen.
  • Stay Short and Sweet: The medical information on your website is intended to guide people to your services, not replace it. While you want to be informative, keep content brief and intriguing so that potential patients are left wanting more and will be drawn to contact you.
  • No Formidable Forms: Giving your potential patients access to the forms they will need to fill out is kind and will ultimately expedite the process of booking an appointment, but be wary of hundreds of boxes that become more time consuming than they are relevant. Remember, the more boxes there are, the less willing people are going to be to fill them out.

Choices, Choices, Choices

While everyone thinks they like choices, what this really means is that people don’t like to feel confined. When it comes to your website, you want to have a design that gives users a few options without being overwhelming.

By offering an uncomplicated medical website design, you can present potential patients with a limited number of choices that will make it easy for them to move forward and contact you without becoming overwhelmed. This is done with a simplified menu, navigation buttons throughout the website and an easy to find contact form where they can access more information.

The Best Design for You

Adding all the bells and whistles to your website might not be the best idea, especially if it is going to make the website complicated or difficult to navigate. Your website should load quickly, be easy to decipher and be inviting. If your website is lacking any of these features, then analysis paralysis on the part of the visitor may set in.

Keep it simple by putting your focus on premium medical content and a comprehensive SEO strategy, and let your website speak for itself.

The Simple Solution of Simplification

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