Assimilate SEO into Website Content Strategy

Assimilate SEO into Website Content StrategySuccessful medical website design integrates client content marketing and SEO strategies.

Though some medical practices may hire separate SEOs (search engine optimizers) and content marketers to promote their medical websites, finding a company that uses a converged medical website design and medical marketing company to integrate their website’s SEO and content strategies into one highly effective campaign. One strategy does not necessarily have to outweigh the other when it comes to the success of your website—in fact, having both strategies intertwine and complement one another benefits your website the most. Only employing SEO-based strategies to promote your website these days just won’t cut it: content marketing is now a necessity.

Search marketing tactics like unnatural link building (buying links) are out. Content marketing is in.

When it comes to search success, unnatural link building is nothing more than a short-term tactic at best. Content marketing, on the other hand, is a long-term strategy. With Google’s new release of the Penguin update and more updates looming in the future, SEO-based link buying’s fifteen minutes of fame is soon to be up. Meaning, if you’re solely promoting your website through SEO tactics like link-buying, its success is likely to be short-lived. Conversely, quality engaging content can send your website all forms of traffic—search, referral, social and viral—for years to come.

SEOs + Content Marketers

Content marketing leads to more organic traffic. Outstanding quality content has the potential to rank high for keywords, earn your website organic links and ultimately convert your browsers into customers.

Herein lies the reason why SEOs and content marketers must value one another—they’re both working for you, the stakeholder. So wouldn’t it make the most sense to combine their efforts to help clients land great search success and engagement with quality content?

Unfortunately, some website strategists operate on the notion that superb content attracts viewers on its own, and that SEO tactics will ruin the quality of that content. BUT keen website strategists are well aware of the necessity of incorporating SEO practices within an effective content strategy. Integrating these strategies allows your website to be discovered through multiple channels—not just by search engines—instead of waiting around in limbo for someone to stumble upon your worthwhile content via advertising.

Integrated Content and SEO strategies

When content marketers integrate a medical website’s content and SEO strategies, two basic rules are followed:

  1. Create quality and engaging content that incorporates appropriate SEO strategies.
  2. Make sure your SEO is effective but doesn’t spoil the quality content.

There’s no one right answer when it comes to describing what an effective and engaging strategy for content marketing might look like. All strategies or objectives for different medical websites are going vary according to client preferences and the type of patient you are trying to attract. However, good website marketers know the value of not only drawing viewers to a website with remarkable content, but also sustaining their engagement once they have reached the site.

Successful website marketers will always have a purpose in mind for a specific target audience and will then devise a plan for reaching said audience. In contrast to this approach is the majority of SEO work, like optimizing existing content to appear where customers are looking on the web—not generating any new content.

Your Own Content Marketing Strategy

To create a killer content marketing strategy, content marketers must incorporate SEO practices into their work to amplify a website’s effectiveness and have a competitive advantage. An effective content strategy may include marketing tactics like a new blog posts, frequently updated pages, interactive web video or social media posts that all incorporate some form of appropriate SEO. No matter what the plan of attack is, all of these tactics have one goal in mind—to engage the viewer and ultimately incite action.

When content strategists incorporate SEO tactics into their content marketing strategy, they must do so purposefully and carefully. Strategists must carefully construct quality keyword inspired content that reverberates with their client’s specific customer needs and interests. Being able to develop and implement a content marketing strategy that aligns both keywords and great content far outweighs any benefits that optimizing existing content may have.

A good medical website design and marketing company must be able to implement the above strategies to create successful websites that produce results. Integrating content and SEO strategies into one highly effective campaign to promote a client website is the best possible approach for success.

Assimilate SEO into Website Content Strategy

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