Why Content Marketing Works

Content marketing, i.e. giving your patients relevant and interesting information, is a natural way to build your business and trust with clients

As the way modern consumers digest information changes, many companies and marketers are starting to realize that bombarding clients with direct sales messages no longer works. Consumers are constantly surrounded by advertisements selling this or that and may tune out marketing that offers no intrinsic value beyond a call to spend X amount of dollars on X product.

As a result, savvy medical marketers are increasingly relying on the tactics of content marketing to attract and retain internet patients by offering them something they actually want—quality information without a thinly-veiled sales pitch.

What is content marketing?

The success of content marketing stems from its ability to provide potential patients with free, useful information that will make a lasting impression and draw them to return to your site or seek your services.

This content can take many different forms—blogs, social media, videos, infographics, etc.—but each form shares the important feature of being interesting to readers or viewers, inviting them to link back to you and share your content with others because they genuinely enjoy it.

In this way, content marketing is natural marketing, and it becomes mutually beneficial to both parties: consumers get the information they want while businesses increase their traffic, conversion rates and sales.

At its basest definition, content is what the web is made of—the polished material you see on any website you visit. Content marketing requires that material to be made into something compelling by adhering to the following qualities:

  • Contains insightful, in-depth and original information that goes beyond the obvious
  • Presented well, with care taken to make it grammatically and stylistically correct
  • Factually accurate, with helpful information specific to visitor needs

Providing inherently valuable information to your community will make you a trusted resource, building credibility in your ability to address that community’s needs. This will get others to want to promote for you by sharing your content with links, working in conjunction with carefully placed keywords in blog posts and articles to increase your visibility to search engines.

These strategies give you a huge edge on competitors who haven’t employed such tactics as content marketing and gives you the unique opportunity to attract patients by helping them instead of selling to them.

To further acquaint you with how well content marketing can promote your medical practice, let’s take a look at one of the most common strategies for content marketing: blogging.

The Benefits of the Blogosphere

The conversational nature of blogs makes them perfect for providing a personal touch to your practice’s website. This personality helps people to better build a relationship with your practice, while fresh, frequent and relevant updates will keep people coming back to engage with your site.

By identifying your visitors and potential patients and attuning the content of your blog to their needs and experiences, you can foster a sense of community around your practice’s site and increase your patients’ trust.

Research has clearly shown the marketing benefits of blogging, showing that companies that blog have:

  • 55 percent more visitors overall, increasing potential for converting patients
  • 97 percent more inbound links, increasing the authority of your pages to search engines
  • 434 percent more indexed pages, increasing the chances of being found by a search engine

Keep in mind that these statistics only take the benefits of blogging into account. When considered along with all the other strategies of content marketing, it’s easy to see how the practice can optimize a company’s visibility and customer base.

Historically, advertising and marketing folks have been demonized for their commitment to the almighty dollar. Most traditional marketing attempts are viewed as manipulative cash grabs, solely intent on convincing you to give a company as much money as possible.

Content marketing turns that convention on its head by providing consumers with valuable information before they even commit to becoming patients. This benevolent approach makes people want to be your patients instead of convincing them that they need to be your patients. And best of all, it really works.

Why Content Marketing Works

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