Using Meta Tags for SEO Website Development

For a while, the META keywords tag was considered an important part of SEO friendly web design. Over time, the search engines realized that the META keyword tag was being improperly used by some SEO website designers, so the importance placed on it eventually diminished.

This is not to say that all of the META tags fail to provide any help as an SEO technique.

The META Description Tag

Still used to varying degrees of relevancy is the META description tag. Not only do many of the search engines still support this tag, but it’s also used to describe your site in the search engine results page.

To write a good META description for your medical website, professional website designers suggest that you write something that reads well to the human eye—somewhere between a sentence and a short paragraph in length.

Keywords can be used in the META description, but avoid “stuffing” it with keywords, or repeating keywords or their variations in a way that’s contextually illogical. Using keywords to accurately describe the page is not only acceptable to the search engines, but it’s encouraged as a good SEO copywriting practice, as this description, keywords and all, will often sell your website to the visitor when they find it in the search engine results.

Relying on META Tags

The META description tag will help your site achieve higher rankings, but it’s certainly not the only SEO technique you should focus on. Good SEO web design encompasses a variety of methods to help sites rank at the top of the results page. Make sure you make use of all the techniques available for the highest possible ranking.

Using Meta Tags for SEO Website Development

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