Mistakes Made in Website Search Engine Optimization

Website search engine optimization seems easy at first. Throw a few SEO keywords together, write up some articles, and get some other sites to link to your content. If you need help, use Google to find SEO techniques and give them a try. Of course if it were that easy no one would need a search engine optimization agency.

The truth is, achieving a high search engine ranking is much more difficult. People who are unaware of certain SEO techniques often find their sites listed among the bottom. Likewise, those who fail to avoid the mistakes listed below will also find their site doomed to a low search engine ranking:

Failing to understand that spelling counts

In the Google’s Librarian Center newsletter an article was written explaining the importance of authorship when it comes to websites. The Librarians’ Internet Index stated that they are skeptical of websites that have too many typographical errors in their content and Google took notice. Make sure that your content is well written and free of simple mistakes. Not only does it hurt your professionalism, but it can hurt your SEO as well.

Using the same anchor text over and over and over…

Anchor text is the word, or words, that you use in a hyperlink. Often times, it is Click here to read more, or Read more. Anchor text should be a natural part of your content and should tell the visitor where they are being taken to.

Having too many low quality links

There is no real quality control for who links to your website, but if you have a disproportionate number of low quality links your website’s search engine optimization will suffer. The only remedy for this is to go out and earn some good, high quality links.

Duplicate Content

Any search engine optimization company will tell you that when it comes to SEO positioning, content is king. Well written, informative content will not only help your search engine ranking, but will keep visitors coming back for more.

As a medical website, you want to provide your visitors with as much relevant content as possible. However, many medical professionals don’t have the time to constantly write content for their website. Even their office staff is usually bogged down with other duties and finds little time to dedicate to content development and search engine optimization management.

To fill a website with content, using free articles found on the Internet may seem like a perfect solution. This is, however, a big mistake that can really hurt your website’s search engine ranking.

How Duplicate Content Hurts SEO Positioning

Google defines duplicate content as substantive blocks of content within or across domains that either completely match other content or are appreciably similar. The problem with duplicate content is that the search engines want to provide their users with the best possible experience. If one article has a good search engine ranking but is duplicated across many different sites, then the entire results page could consist of links to the same article that is simply hosted on different domains. The user benefits in no way from this, so the search engines filter out some of these duplicates from their indexes and make adjustments to the ranking of pages they find to be duplicated content.

In addition to content being filtered or their rank adjusted, duplicate content can take away from the amount of good content a spider crawls on your site. Since they spend a limited amount of time crawling a site each time, your time may be wasted on content that will be penalized or filtered out entirely.

Mistakes Made in Website Search Engine Optimization

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