Medical Website Success Depends on Optimized Content

Medical Website Search and Social Success Depends on Optimized Content StrategyEffective medical website design incorporates an optimized content marketing strategy

What do optimized medical content, social media and search engines all have in common? Altogether they play a decisive role in the success of your medical website. More than ever, optimized content is driving website success in search rankings and social media, making an optimized content marketing strategy essential.

What makes an optimized content strategy so “optimized”?

Optimized content marketing is a strategy employed by content marketers to produce engaging content that is aligned with keyword phrases that drive organic or natural search traffic, producing conversions for your medical website. Once this optimized content is generated, marketers deliver this content to your customers so they can help your website grow by socializing the content through social media sites, among other useful channels. Content can be anything from website pages and blogs to newsletters and Facebook posts—as long as it’s optimized; it will naturally do its job.

Search Engines and Social Media

Optimized content strategy for your website ensures success in both the social and search realms of the Internet. Over a year ago, both Google and Bing publicized that they would begin factoring “social signals” into their organic search algorithms. Google believes that social media revolves around relationships and that relationships prove relevance—which happens to be the hub of organic search.

An optimized content marketing strategy also factors in the importance of such social signals when developing your website’s varied forms of optimized content. After all, if it’s important to Google, then it’s important to your website. When content is optimized specifically for the keywords generating the traffic to your website, it has the advantage of being found faster and gaining more social signals than unoptimized content would.

Seize the Social Signals

Content strategists will take every chance given to deliver optimized medical content to your clinic’s social networks and maximize your website visitors’ and content readers’ opportunities to seize, socialize and amplify your content through social signals. Depending on your social networking platform, social signals can include anything from Twitter tweets and retweets to Facebook Likes and Shares—even You Tube views and LinkedIn shares have influence.

The more optimized content generated and shared through social signals, the more relevant Google will deem your medical website and ultimately enhance your search ranking. Optimized content also helps your social networks gain credibility with your supporters and will ideally generate more friends, followers, etc.

Beyond Your Website’s Social Skills

In addition to enhanced social status and premier search rank, other benefits of an optimized content strategy include:

  1. Producing noteworthy content on a consistent basis can position your medical practice as a leader in your industry. This doesn’t necessarily mean a leader in sales, but more so a leader in terms of trust. When your medical practice provides valuable information that’s worth sharing and following, viewers establish a relationship with your organization and consider what you have to say as not only meaningful but trustworthy, too.
  2. Publishing consistent content gives you an advantage over your competitors. If you implement a content strategy now and continually provide your viewers and followers with engaging material, your competitors will have to work double-time to even come close to matching the social signals and high-rank position that you’ve already acquired.
  3. Your website followers want more content, and you’re the only one that can give it to them. Your medical practice is booming with potential content opportunities, including blog posts, new pages, guides, patient testimonials and Facebook shares. Your clients genuinely want to read about your practice and everything going on within it—it helps keep them informed and connected with your valued organization. Altogether, this generated content can be optimized for the keywords that are currently driving your organic search traffic.

SEO is important. Content marketing is very important. An optimized content strategy exhibits both practical SEO and content marketing strategies that work together to help your website succeed.

The sky is the limit when it comes to an optimized content strategy, so how high can your medical website go?

Medical Website Success Depends on Optimized Content

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