Keywords and Website Optimization

Medical website optimization can be tough. There’s a lot to learn, and it sometimes seems like website optimization companies have conflicting things to say about it. Once thing that’s for certain is that optimizing your website should start with finding the best keywords.

Keywords are the words used by people to search for information on the web. Using keyword research tools, you can find out how many times a certain word or phrase was used in a search over a period of time. You can also see how many different web pages utilize that keyword or keyword phrase.

The reason keyword research is so important in healthcare website optimization is that when you’re looking to bring visitors to your site, you need to provide them with content they’re looking for. Knowing which keywords are being sought out will tell you what content you should write for optimizing your website.

Website Optimization Tips

Once you’ve determined which keywords or phrases (sometimes called keyphrases) ¬†are frequently searched, you’ll need to begin your web page optimization. Ideally, you want to find keywords that have a high search volume, but not a lot of competition, especially if you’re new to website optimization.

When you’re happy with the keywords you’ve chosen, it’s time to write your content. Keywords should be used throughout so that the search engines know that the page is related to them.

Some places you should be sure to include your keywords are:

  • The title
  • The first 100 words of the content
  • In header tags (especially h1 and h2)
  • Between emphasis and strong tags
  • In the ALT tag of any image

Keywords and Website Optimization

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