Creating Irresistible Content

Fill  Your Medical Marketing Website with Irresistible ContentBerating readers with wellness tips and how-to advice isn’t going to get them coming back for more. Your website shouldn’t be a platform for lectures on how to live a healthier life. Instead, you can use your blog to your biggest advantage by generating content that shows wellness and happiness, not one that just talks about it. As Mark Twain said, “Don’t say the old lady screamed. Bring her on and let her scream.”

Writing Worthy Writing

When a website is filled with content but no-one wants to read it, how can it make an impact?

Too many people make the mistake of thinking that words on a page make content, and that plugging in the right keywords and putting up a few bells and whistles can attract an audience without much work.

The fact is that in order to build an audience you need to supply irresistible content, the type of content that will leave your readers wanting more. To do this you need to play into the human psyche. While your content only needs to capture one particular niche of the population, it is possible to do this by playing into the types of content that everyone craves.

Readers Want What You Want

Everyone has at least one friend who is ghastly at conversation. When they call, you look at your phone and sigh as you debate whether you are going to take the call now or put it off until later. You know that when you answer the phone you are going to hear dry dialogue and be forced to participate in a conversation that falls flat. You might leave the TV on in the background and realize every few minutes that you have no idea what they are talking about. Despite caring for this person, you want out of their conversation—and fast.

People crave emotion and interest in their interactions, and this goes for when we are reading too. If the content falls flat and shoots off a bunch of facts without being engaging then we aren’t inclined to pay much attention. To keep readers coming back for more, your content needs to reach out from the screen, grab the reader by the spectacles and pull them in deeper until they reach the end of the article and don’t know what hit them.

To generate readership you need life-altering, eye-opening, dream-awakening content.

To optimize readership your content needs to play into a formula of what people want to read. Once you know your audience, you can please them every time.

Your readers want the same thing you want. They want to be surprised, moved, educated and even offended when the moment is right. Readers want to know that there is more to the world than what meets the eye, and that dreams can come true. Readers want to see the little guy win and they want to laugh out loud. They want to feel encouraged, comforted, consoled and challenged. They want to be told a story, and they want to be told they are right or wrong. The right content can do all of this, and play into your medical SEO plan.

To generate readership and build content that people will enjoy, you need experienced writers who know how to breathe life into otherwise bland content. If the writer doesn’t enjoy writing the content, then it is unlikely that anyone will enjoy reading it. In terms of your medical SEO, if no one enjoys reading the content that you are publishing then you aren’t going to build an audience.

It might be unrealistic to think that readers will be moved every time they open your blog, but the last thing you want is content that sits still.

Creating Irresistible Content

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