For High Ranking Websites, Content Marketing Trumps Link Building

For High Ranking Websites, Content Marketing Trumps Link BuildingIn order for your website to thrive, people need to find it. Google is the leading search engine, which means that being found is placing high in Google’s search results. However, to do this Google must deem your website valuable and trustworthy. Google’s relationship with links is constantly adapting to develop improved algorithms that better analyze the quantity, quality and relevance of websites that link back to yours.

Google counts links to your website as editorial “votes.”  In theory, the more “votes” your website has, the higher it will rank on Google because people find your website to be valuable.

Unfortunately, there is a lot more to it than winning the majority vote. Google pays close attention to your website’s link profile and carefully reviews it to see what types of websites link to yours and how quickly your site acquired those links. When Google’s algorithm detects a fast and large influx of new links, your website quickly raises a giant red flag.

These red-flag raising links are part of a process known as unnatural link building. Link building does not attract attention to your website for the right reasons. Link building only brings traffic to your site because it was asked to do so by a behind-the-times SEO company, or because it was paid for.

Unfortunately, many unknowing business owners are taking a hit for their websites inappropriate link backs after Google’s new release of the Penguin update. The Penguin update serves to put a massive freeze on spam due to unnatural link building in Google’s search results.

So why do so many companies still pay SEO consultants to build links for their websites?

The answer to high rankings is simple, and surprisingly Google has openly been sharing this not-so-secret solution to website owners for years.  If you want to rank high, you have to attract more links by supplying viewers with unique and valuable content that will make them link to your website naturally. This process is sometimes referred to as organic SEO.

Content Marketing and Organic SEO

Want your website to be at the top of the first Google search results page? Keep supplying your viewers with valuable, concise and engaging marketing content. The process truly is this simple…

  • Write engaging and unique content
  • Publish the content on your website
  • People read the content
  • People like the content
  • People share and appreciate the content through various other means such as social media, email, comments, links from their personal blogs, etc.

Search engines like Google quickly recognize the growing popularity of your website and subsequently reward you for providing awesome content and value to the Internet. All Google wants is to see content on your website written to provide value to real people.

Content marketing is a powerful tool capable of driving referral traffic that can lead to conversions as well as function as the catalyst that drives the process of link building naturally. According to SEOmoz’s 2011 Search Engine Ranking Factors Report, content marketing can have an 82 percent impact on your website’s ability to rank high on the search engine results page.

So, if you’re paying for unnatural link building you may want to put away your check book. Content marketing, given the current state of SEO, is no longer optional for ranking high in search engines—it’s an unconditional necessity for maximizing the quantity of keyword phrases that eventually drive traffic to your website.

You can measure the value of your website’s content much easier than you can a link.

There is really no way to quantify how much a link to your website is worth. Though a link may be contributing towards your website’s increase in rankings or traffic, there is still no honest way to put a value on this contribution when there are other factors that may be subsidizing your website’s success.

On the other hand, content marketers do have a way of measuring a unique piece of content’s value to your site. Content marketers will know how many links the content generated, how many social votes it acquired, how many referral visits it produced, how much organic search traffic it created and which search key words achieved rankings—now that’s a lot of value.

Paying for good link building services is expensive.

The bottom line is that it’s cheaper to pay for written content for your website than it is to hire quality, successful link builders. Quality content usually generates more traffic in less time and for less money than hundreds of paid links. Providing your viewers with creative and engaging content goes a long way in generating social attention for your website.

Content is defensible to search engine algorithm updates.

Content marketing is the best place to focus for any SEO strategy as algorithm updates do not affect its value. Don’t spend your time worrying about when Google’s releasing its latest update because you’ve been paying for hundreds of built links. Relax in the comforting arms of your website’s rock-solid content and get ready to reap long-term rewards.

Listen to Google—if you want to be high on page one, then you’re going to have to make content marketing compulsory. Content marketing is a simple and appealing way to approach search engine marketing for your website.  Unnatural link building is expensive and spawns too many flaws that can eventually cause your website and your medical practice problems. If you want your website to grab anyone’s attention, it is has to have quality, concise and worthwhile content.

For High Ranking Websites, Content Marketing Trumps Link Building

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