Use multiple paid marketing channels including keyword search, display and social media marketing to bring more qualified prospects to your landing pages.

Attract Patients to your Medical Practice

Use search engine marketing and search engine optimization to bring more leads into your practice.

Your customers are looking for you.

With Google words marketing, your medical practice can be seen at the exact moment that they are searching. Depending on your goals, we’ll establish optimized campaigns targeting specific audiences and make sure your practice is there when they are looking. Then we’ll start testing and improving to get even better results and reduce the cost of acquiring each lead. Its a complicated process but, as a Google Partner we have the training and experience to get the best results possible for you.

Increase inbound channels

Be visible where people are looking for your services. Desktop and Mobile targeted display ads along with content promotion on social media platforms increase reach beyond people already searching. Create a dominant online profile for your bariatric program so that your brand becomes recognizable and familiar within the community you are marketing to.

Dominate search results

Increase frequency and position of listings returned in search engine results for your bariatric program using both search targeted ads and display ads.

Search Engine Marketing

Capitalize on interest

Cut through competition and establish predictable traffic to your landing pages using paid advertising with major search engines. Capitalize on immediate needs with targeted search and building interest with display marketing. Use search metrics to define your targeting and quantify a consistent return on investment

Search Engine Optimization

Help search engines help you

Carefully craft your medical website to help search engines navigate pages and understand the services you are promoting. Associate high value search keywords with your site to improve positioning above your competition.

Connect With Medical Website Visitors

Engage visitors carefully crafted websites and multimedia marketing programs.

Encourage visitors to stay longer

Promote longer stays and more content consumption on your website to increase leads generated. Provide content that meets the education and information needs of visitors in a device independent format to encourages greater engagement and potentiate lead generation.

Create a reason to return

Release useful multi-media content on your website at frequent intervals with promotion through inbound marketing channels to increase return visits to a website and stimulate lead generation.

Start a conversation

Use emails, questionnaires, and forms to solicit feedback from website visitors. Once you learn the needs of your prospects, focus marketing efforts toward the solutions they are seeking.

Medical Website Design

Powerful responsive marketing websites

Use website design and usability standards to improve functionality and decrease obstacles that might cause users to leave your medical website site before achieving their goals.

Marketing automation

Automated communication with people who want it

Leverage the convenience and responsiveness of marketing automation with Influx MD. Engage customers with email campaigns, video emails, drip campaigns, along with nurturing and retention campaigns. Set up your campaigns and let Influx MD do all of the heavy lifting for you.

More Patients from your Marketing

Use staff training and a structured program of sales funnel improvement to increase lead to patient conversion

Improve sales efficiency within your team

Let dedicated account coaches work with your staff to improve workflow and reduce redundant effort. Find bottlenecks and funnel leaks quickly and easily with advanced workflow reporting to allow intelligent optimization of internal processes with less risk.

Nurture leads into patients

Automate lead nurturing with Influx MD to assist lead management and ensure that periodic contact is maintained with prospects as they proceed through the buying cycle stages. Automated responses and timed nurturing campaigns keep your bariatric program in front of prospects to stimulate conversion while decreasing staff requirements for completing routine tasks.

Lead Tracking

Never lose another lead

Track leads from the moment of contact through each part of the sales cycle until they become patients for your practice, no matter how long it takes. Influx MD actively participates in the lead tracking process maintaining contact with your prospects and guiding your staff through the sales and intake processes. You'll know where your leads came from and where they went to help you make cost effective decisions about your marketing and sales process.

Staff training

Maximizing staff effectiveness with sales coaching

Improve conversion rates among your core team with sales and lead management coaching. Our experienced medical sales coaches will work one-on-one or with your entire group to help them identify conversion ready leads, avoid common conversion mistakes, how to handle common objections and find opportunities for workflow improvement.

Optimize to Achieve Peak Results.

Use benchmark reporting to monitor marketing and conversion goals at each point in the sales cycle to ensure every maximum conversion for the lowest cost.

Identify and track actionable metrics

Capture the metrics that matter with Influx MD. Aggregate data from all of your marketing channels and campaigns and relate them directly to prospects acquired and leads converted into patients. Identify issues and take immediate steps to correct and maintain a high level of efficiency.

Improve your online marketing strategy

The effectiveness of your website or landing pages at generating leads for your medical practice is the ultimate performance metric in a bariatric marketing program. Influx MD monitors performance metrics that track to specific marketing strategies. Use these performance metrics to guide resource allocation and marketing strategy adjustment to gain the best return on marketing investment possible.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Make the most of the leads you have

Apply a structured and validated methodology for improving short and long term conversion performance. Benchmark campaign performance and locate top performers in your portfolio. Use A/B testing to identify new opportunities for improved performance in ads, landing pages, and email campaigns.

ROI Reporting

Make the most of your investment

Go beyond simple website or email analytics and integrate lead to patient conversion for a full 360 degree view of your marketing. Track and measure important benchmarks for you campaigns and incorporate conversion rate optimization to drive up performance for your marketing and your staff.

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