Increase awareness and establish brand reputation across multiple channels.

Goal: Attract Attention

Use search engine marketing (SEM), social media marketing, business directories, and focused email campaigns to create multiple inbound channels capable of bringing more prospects and leads to your website.

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Connect with prospects and engage them with multimedia marketing and education.

Goal: Engage Visitors

Use carefully crafted multimedia education and promotional content to engage prospects and help them achieve their information and service purchasing goals.

Drive sales and turn prospects into patients for your bariatric program

Goal: Convert Leads

Use landing pages and custom forms to capture new leads and place them into the Influx MD lead tracking and automated marketing system. Let Influx nurture leads and help your staff maintain a smooth transition from prospect to patient.

Measure and optimize to gain insights into marketing performance and opportunities for improvement

Goal: Optimize Performance

Define performance benchmarks and goals to use Influx MD’s advanced reporting solutions to monitor marketing campaigns and guide adjustments to achieve peak results.

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Palmyra Surgical, Scottsdale Weight Loss Center, Kaiser Permanente, Gulf Coast Bariatrics

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